Open Houses and Tours

Parents and guardians who would like a physical tour of OCAC College are welcome. We are available to show you the facilities your wards will benefit from when they study at OCAC College.

The date for Open houses for our boarders will be communicated with parents and guardians as soon as the school session begins.

In view of the ongoing pandemic, there are however, strict COVID-19 protocols in place for your safety and that of our students. As a result, the use of facemask is compulsory. If you would like a tour of OCAC College, book an appointment with us via WhatsApp on +2348095495000

Admission Requirements

OCAC college offers full scholarship admission opportunities to students who take our scholarship exams and score at least 70% and above. Students can continue on scholarship throughout their studies as long as they continue to score 70% or above in their overall school performance.

Students who do not score up to 70% in our scholarship exams can gain non-scholarship admission into OCAC college.

A primary school leaving certificate for students coming into JSS1 is required prior to admission. Intending SS1 students are required to submit their Junior WAEC results, while a transfer certificate for students gaining admission into other classes is required.

Application Process

To apply for your ward to attend OCAC College, the students’ parents or guardian will fill an application form. Thereafter, your ward (s) will be scheduled to sit for the scholarship exam. If your ward scores 70% and above, they will be awarded a full scholarship.