Uniform Requirements

OCAC College has an official uniform and sportswear for all students. Boarding students have additional uniforms for morning and evening preps.

The official colors of our uniforms are dark blue and lime green. The colors of our sports wears are color coded according to the color of each student’s team.

All uniforms are sewn by the school and should not be altered without authorized permission from the principal.


There are many physical and mental benefits to physical exercise. Some of these benefits include relief of stress, a sharp memory, boosts creativity and much more.

Our students enjoy all these benefits from the supervised sporting activities they engage in. Some of the sporting activities include; Volleyball, Table tennis and Aerobics.

These sporting activities take place in a safe environment with adequate supervision from teachers. There are also safety and first aid measures in place to safeguard the students as well as a school clinic with isolation facility that is COVID-19 compliant.